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 Image ActiveX

Tiff Image & Fax Viewer OCX

Tiff Image Processing OCX

Multi-page Tiff Viewer OCX

Image to Multi-page Tiff Converter OCX

Exif & Tiff Tag Viewer OCX

Tiff to Pdf Image OCX

PowerPoint Converter OCX

  x360soft - Image Processing ActiveX SDK 5.4

- Visualize your images and convert them to different formats.
- Handle and edit pages of multi-page TIFF image.
- Create multi-page PDF image.
- Load image from database table, URL and FTP server.
- Rotate image with specified angle.
- Draw image/text on the image with different style.
- Get and Set Exif/Tiff Tag information from the image.
- Has the ability to handle window clipboard and HBITMAP.
- Scroll the image smoothly, and provide a location bookmark tools.
- Provide over 40+ type of image effects and filters and adjustments.
- Print images with specified size.
- Adjust blue, brightness, contrast, gamma, green, lightness, red, saturation and threshold of the image.

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 Video ActiveX

Video Player OCX

Video Player Lite OCX

Multiple Video Player OCX

Video Converter OCX

Video Capture OCX

x360soft - Video Player ActiveX SDK 2.6

- Fully control the audio and video stream.
- Drawing an overlay bitmap/text over the video.
- Support many common video file formats.
- Support MIDI, MP3, MP4, WAV audio file formats.
- Capture current video image to .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif.
- Get the current position of the stream in second or in HH:MM:SS format.
- Get useful information, for example video height and width and the duration.

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 FTP & Email ActiveX

Ftp Client OCX

Outlook Express OCX

x360soft - Ftp ActiveX SDK 2.3

- Get the file listing within a folder on FTP server.
- Create new files/folders on FTP server.
- Delete multiple files/folders on FTP server.
- Upload multiple files to FTP server.
- Download multiple files from FTP servers.
- Error handler.

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